Milk & Cookies Too / by Sanja Pahoki

If you are free tonight, come along to the Conduit Arts Club at 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. 

Last year the 31st Anniversary of Andy Kauffman’s death was celebrated at Conduit Arts in an evening of live performance, music, art and comedy presented in the format of a late night variety show called MILK & COOKIES.

This year MILK & COOKIES returns by popular demand for its second series:


The night will run from 7pm - 11pm on Thursday 7th April, Eric will be the host of the program with live music from “Felix and the band” (Travis John & Felix Billington Kleinman) presented in the format of an Andy Kaufman special with musical guests and multiple performing and non-performing artists.

Starring Eric Demetriou, Travis John, Jon Campbell, Joel Stern, Christo Crocker, Molly Cook, Brennan Oliver, Kalinda Vary, Makiko Yamamoto & Sanja Pahoki, Catherine Dwyer & Rosalie Dickens, Helen Grogan and Felix & The Band.