Sanja Pahoki born in Osijek, Croatia is an artist currently working in Melbourne, Australia.


2013 - 2018 PhD, Monash University (PhD Project : 'Being Kazimir Malevich. An Encounter with Kazimir Malevich's Paintings in St Petersburg, Russia')

2004-6 MFA, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne (MFA Project : 'I haven't been feeling myself lately')

1996-2000 BFA (Hons), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne (Honours Project: 'The Human Condition')

1985-87 BA, University of Melbourne (Double major: Psychology & Philosophy)


SUPERDEALS Brussels Residency

Helsinki Studio Residency, Australia Council for the Arts

SIM International Studio Residency, Reykjavik, Iceland

Ian Potter Cultural Grant

Student Award, Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart

Australian Postgraduate Award

Pat Corrigan Artists’ Grant, NAVA

Award for Critical Merit, Victorian Campus Art Prize and exhibition, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne

Theodor Urbach Encouragement Award, VCA

Friends of the VCA Encouragement Award




'NEON PISS', SUPERDEALS, Brussels, Belgium

'PISSING', TCB Art Inc, Melbourne

'Well, Hello!', Kelly's Garden, Salamanca Arts, Hobart

'Floorwork', 55 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, Sydney



'Being Kazimir Malevich', Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne



‘My baby shot me down’, Nik Pantazopoulos Studio and Project Space, Melbourne



‘Groundwork’, Dudspace, Melbourne



‘To The Centre of the Earth and Back (Iceland)’, Sarah Scout Gallery, Melbourne



‘Because my grandmother died’, Light Projects, Melbourne



‘Sanja Pahoki’ ACCA @ Mirka at Tolarno Hotel

‘Hello’, Whitestreet Project, Frankston

‘Cub separated from spooked polar bear’ Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne



‘Mum, dad; together’ Project Space, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

‘Shut up my darling, Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

'Sanja Pahoki Neon Works’, Lismore Regional Gallery, New South Wales



‘Bang head, repeatedly’ 24-seven, Melbourne



‘I haven’t been feeling myself lately’, area contemporary art space inc., Melbourne



‘What’s your oeuvre?’ 1st Floor Artist and Writers Space, Melbourne

‘Suitable Women’, Citylights, Centre Place, Melbourne



'First Site Gallery turns 21!' curated by Simon Pericich, First Site Gallery, Melbourne

'Elapse' by Kings ARI at Hobiennale 17, School House Gallery, Hobart

'Something's trying to tell us some things', curated by Kieran Boland, Five Walls, Melbourne

'The End of Time, The Beginning of Time' curated by Mark Feary, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

'Commencement - Gloss Over Rawness' curated by Anna Prifti, West End Art Space, Melbourne



'Lost' curated by Sabine Hopfner & Christian Giesecke, The Necessity, Hamburg, Germany  

'Faux Studios' curated by Jake Treacy, c3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

'CCP 30th Anniversary Fundraiser', Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

'Bus Projects : Editions', Bus Projects, Melbourne

'Joke Work' curated by Zara Sigglekow, Neon Parc, Melbourne

'Splash' with Annabelle Kingston, curated by Adam Stone and Elle Ross, Lon Gallery, Melbourne

'West Space 2016 Annual Fundraiser', Melbourne

'Long Distance Relationship' curated by Andree Ruggeri, Mailbox Art Space, Melbourne

Milk &Cookies Too' curated by Eric Demetriou and Travis John, Conduit Arts Club, Melbourne

'Moaning Performance' with Makiko Yamamoto, Make it Up Club, Melbourne

'Is/Is not' curated by Kiron Robinson, West Space, Melbourne

'Support Materials, Soft Furnishings' curated by Liang Luscombe and Lisa Radford, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne



'AS IF: Echoes from London' by Holly Ingleton performed with Makiko Yamamoto & Eric Demetriou at Westspace, Melbourne

'Temporality' curated by jessica Snir, Attic Gallery, Melbourne

'TCB Inc. Fundraiser' TCB Inc, Melbourne

'Milk & Cookies' curated by Eric Demetriou, Conduit Arts, Melbourne

'West Space 2015 Annual Fundraiser', West Space, Melbourne

'Written in Light' curated by Lisa Sullivan, Geelong Gallery, Geelong



'Floorwork', Monash University Research Colloqiuium, December, 2014, Monash Faculty Gallery, Melbourne

'Floorwork', The Big East (Biggerer) curated by Kiron Robinson, Melbourne

'Spring 1883', Sarah Scout Presents, The Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

'Failure Works' curated by Made Spencer-Castle and Lyndal May Stewart, Dudspace, Melbourne

'Make Believe It's Nothing' curated by Brie Trennery and Kieran Boland, MARS Gallery, Melbourne



'Projekt #' Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Does it Matter?’ curated by Anabelle Lacroix, Kings Artist Run Gallery, Melbourne

‘English as a Second Language’ with Ka-Yin Kwok, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong


'1912 - 2012', curator of VCA component: Jon Cattapan, Art Faculty Gallery, Nanjing University of Arts, China

‘Making Art in Iceland’, The TASK, Stephen Palmer’s Shed, Melbourne

Neon Salon’, Dudspace, Melbourne

‘It’s like killing 2 birds with 2 stones’ with Kiron Robinson and Simon Zoric, Lowrider Gallery, Melbourne

'SUB12', curated by Jessica Bridgfoot, Substation Gallery, Melbourne


‘The Blake Prize’, National Art School Gallery, Sydney

‘HEVY’ curated by Lani Seligman and Kiron Robinson, Conical Gallery, Melbourne

Ultra Neon’ Light Projects, Melbourne

'This is before that’ with Kiron Robinson, Sarah Scout Gallery, Melbourne

‘Better than art’ curated by Amy Marjoram, Kings Artist Run Initiative

‘Dis-covery’ curated by Colin Langridge, 10 days on the Island Festival, Long Gallery, Hobart


‘TCB Art Inc’ curated by Rob McHaffie and Lisa Radford, Melbourne Art Fair

'Joke work’ curated by Kel Glaister, Cite International des Arts Annexe, Paris

‘A quarter turn on every screw’ curated by Kel Glaister, Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne


‘Bowness Photography Prize’, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne

‘Shcontemporary’ with Sutton Gallery, Shanghai, China

‘Self-timer | Dancer’ with Linda Tegg, Sutton Project Space, Melbourne

‘to whom it may concern: the written word in contemporary art’ curated by Melanie Flynn, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne

‘The Arresting Image’ curated by Pat Brassington and Fiona Lee, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart

‘The more you ignore me, the closer I get’ curated by Alison Hubler, UQ Art Museum, Brisbane

‘Strangeland’ Horsham Regional Gallery, Horsham


‘Studio Artists Exhibition’ Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

‘Ecstatic City’ curated by Chris Doyle, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Melbourne

‘Recessed’ Inflight ARI, Hobart

‘What is (Australia Like)’ curated by Kim Donaldson, Rotterdam & Berlin


‘Studio Artists Exhibition’ Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

‘Motion Pictures’, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts - PICA, Perth

‘Strangeland’ Kings ARI, Melbourne

‘Artists who sometimes use words’, Upstairs Flinders, Melbourne

‘U-Turn’ curated by Larissa Hjorth and Kate Shaw, Glendale College Art Gallery, California

‘Polar’ curated by Kiron Robinson and Lani Seligman, VCA Gallery, Melbourne

‘Ill Communication’ curated by Jacqueline Doughty, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne


‘Global Fusion: Close-up’, co-ord. by Maggie McCormick (Aus), Claudia-Maria Luenig (Eur), Palais Porcia, Vienna

‘Doubt’ curated by Kiron Robinson and Lani Seligman, Conical Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

‘Inhabitation' curated by Penny Gebhardt, Australian Galleries, Melbourne

‘Phatspace and Bus’, curated by Tristian Koenig, Arts- Aporia, Osaka, Japan

‘Selekta’, Westspace, Melbourne


‘a portable model of…’ curated by Tristian Koenig, Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell

‘The Art of the Poster’, Maroondah Gallery, Melbourne

‘ANZ Visual Arts Fellowship Award’, ANZ Bank, Melbourne

‘Half-Life’, Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne

‘Global Fusion: Close Up’, basement, Vienna,

‘Half-Life’, Inflight, Hobart

‘The Hutchins Art Prize’, The Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart

‘Ill & Vexed’, curated by Emidio Puglielli, Carnegie Gallery, Hobart

‘Global Fusion: Close Up’, co-ord. by Maggie McCormick (Aus), Claudia-Maria Luenig (Ger), and Elena Panayotova (Romania),  Melbourne City Tram Shelters

‘A portable model of …’ curated by Tristian Koenig, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart


‘videolovehatevideo’ curated by Tristian Koenig and Jo Scicluna, Phatspace, Sydney

‘thick as…’ Conical Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

‘I haven’t been feeling myself lately’ with Haydn Salmon, Bus Gallery, Melbourne

‘Project #’ curated by Brendan Lee, The Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand


‘I heard it on the grapevine...’ curated by Zara Stanhope, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

‘Video Spell 1: Actions’ curated by Blair French, Performance Space, Redfern

‘New Portraiture at A Walk of Art’ curated by Tessa Dwyer, Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Melbourne

‘Bloom’ curated by airconcrete, Span Galleries, Melbourne

Royal Rumble’, Kings Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne

‘Macgregor Photographic Prize’, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba


‘Final exhibition’, 1st Floor Artist and Writers Space, Melbourne

‘Love at First Sight’ curated by Sanja Pahoki, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

‘B-side’, Bus Gallery, Melbourne

‘Insert Image Here’ curated by Tristian Koenig and Rebecca Chew, Next Wave Festival, Yarra Trams

‘A thin white line’ with Cate Consandine First Site Gallery, RMIT, Melbourne


‘Fallout’ curated by Mary Lou Pavlovic, VCA Gallery, Melbourne

‘Blurb… Fitzroy Festival of Words’, installation in Fitzroy Library, Melbourne

‘Nikon Summer Salon 2001’, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

‘Fund-raiser exhibition’, 1st Floor Artist and Writers Space, Melbourne


‘Victorian Campus Art Prize and exhibition’, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne, Melbourne

‘Victorian Photography Student of the Year 1999’, Touring exhibition


‘Phototechnica award: New Australian photo-artist 1999’, Australian Centre for Contemporary Photography, Sydney

‘Basta: VCA Graduating Photography exhibition’, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne



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Inside Sanja Pahoki, Artist Talk, VCA lunch- time forum co-ordinated by Lisa Radford, Art School, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne


Guest posting on @m.33_melbourne instagram account

2015 – 2012  

Collaborating with fashion duo D&K

2009 – 2007

Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces Studio Artist

2007 - 2004

Kings Artist Run Initiative Committee member