PISSING by Sanja Pahoki


20th September until 7th October, 2017

Level 1, 12 Waratah Place, Melbourne, 3000





Blurb from exhibition:

This exhibition is about pissing. It was conceived in response to the smell of urine in the alleyways of Melbourne. TCB Art Inc. is located in such a place. The downstairs entrance to the gallery sometimes reeks of piss, especially in summer in the stinking heat.

If art is a form of communication, my message is, ‘guys, please, don’t piss in public places, please, use a toilet, please.’

After seeing this art exhibition, if one person thinks twice when next they want to urinate in a public place, then this exhibition would have been a success and it would have been worth it. If it makes no difference to the pissing in public, especially around TCB Art Inc., then I have failed.

This is art with a little ‘p’ hoping to have a big ‘P’ impact. ;-)

'Floorwork' at 55 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, NSW by Sanja Pahoki

Hi. My 3-channel video, 'Floorwork' opened on Friday 20th May. If you are in Sydney in the next few weeks, go and have a look. 

‘Floorwork’ consists of a 3-channel video-work and customised gym mats. The videos were filmed in the artist’s parents' home in Queensland and portray the family performing various floor actions. The mother is caught in a perpetual loop doing her early morning exercises. The father is seen crawling along the ground straining for the couch. In the third video, old scores are to be settled, with brother and sister embroiled in a ‘bitter’ wrestling contest.

Aging bodies are shown in a struggle against gravity. The gym mats have been placed to help cushion the inescapable fall.

The End of Time, The Beginning of Time by Sanja Pahoki

Exhibition Dates: 5 May – 10 June 2017

200 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, 3065

Gertrude Contemporary is moving. My 'hello' neon is in the last group show for GCAS at 200 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy :-(

Mutlu Çerkez & Marco Fusinato, 'AND' (2003), synthetic polymer paint. Courtesy of the artsist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne; photograph by: Mutlu Çerkez and Marco Fusinato

The End of Time. The Beginning of Time. marks and pays tribute to the dense legacy of artistic production in the current building and the communities that have contributed to and formed around it. With over 300 artists having participated in the two-year studio program, and thousands of artists having contributed to the exhibition program, the prospect of developing an encyclopaedic exhibition was all but impossible. Instead, The End of Time. The Beginning of Time. extracts a limited selection of moments from Gertrude’s history to operate as signifiers of the past. These moments will function as an imprecise collage of histories, collapsing time, piquing, layering and contaminating memory.
In instances, works presented in the gallery spaces will be re-presented or restaged in their original position of exhibition. Drawing back to their creation within the studio program from the mid 1980s, some of the works will serve as a historical tracing of what has been produced and presented in the space. Elements from more expansive and ephemeral installations will return to the galleries, reinforcing the role the site, with all of its particular architectural elements and spatial configurations, has played in terms of integration within many of the works themselves. The exhibition will also present a number of new works developed specifically for this locational finale.  

Curated by Artistic Director Mark Feary, the exhibition will feature Marco Fusinato and Mutlu Çerkez, DAMP, Geoff Newton, Emily Floyd, Noriko Nakamura, Anthony Hunt & Stephen Honneger, Nat & Ali, Natalie Thomas, Reko Rennie, Rose Nolan, Blair Trethowan, Mark Hilton, The Telepathy Project, Jon Campbell, Elizabeth Newman, Danius Kesminas, Sanja Pahoki, Helen Johnson, Nicholas Mangan and Damiano Bertoli. 

c3 Contemporary Art Space Annual Fundraiser by Sanja Pahoki


3-11 December, 2016

Faux Studio curated by Jake Treacy

I have a neon artwork that is available for sale at c3 Annual Fundraiser. It would make a great Christmas gift. It can also be used as an environmentally friendly neon Christmas tree (see below). You can then pretend that you are having an all white christmas, if summer gets you down.

Help c3 to support artists.

Faux Studio will feature over 90 significant Australian artists, including: Aaron Christopher Rees, Ace-Ohio Wagstaff, Adam Stone, Adrian Stojkovic, Annabelle Kingston , Antonia Sellbach, Benjamin Woods, Betra Fraval, Brendan Huntley, Bryan Spier, Brigit Ryan, Chronox, Dana Harris, Dane Lovett, Danica Chappell, Darren Sylvester, Dell Stewart, Dylan Palmer, Eleanor Louise Butt, Emma Langridge, Emily Ferretti, Emily Floyd, Emily Raubenheimer, Eugene Howard, Gabriel Curtin, Georgina Cue, Grace Wood, HaHa, Hoang Tran, Ian Wells, Ingmar Apinis, Isobel Knowles + Van Sowerwine, Jake Treacy, James Voller, Jemila Macewan, Jessie Willow Tucker, Jia Jia Chen, Jon Butt, Justin Hinder, Kate Hill, Katie Paine, Kenny Pittock, Kathryne Genevieve Honey, Louise Blyton, Lucas Golding, Masato Takasaka, Matt Fairbridge, Matthew Harris, Melanie Upton, Meredith Turnbull, Miranda Skoczek, Natalie Ryan, N.A.J.Taylor, Neil Shurgold , Nicholas Ryrie, Nicola Page, Nina Gilbert, Olga Bennett, Oscar Yanez, OSW (Terri Bird, Bianca Hester + Scott Mitchell), Peter Atkins, Peter Fifer, Pia Murphy, Pip Ryan, Pippa Mackgill, Rachael Hooper, Rebecca Delange, Renee Cosgrave, Roma Turnbull-Coulter, Ross Coulter, Rudi Williams, Sally Ross, Samantha McCulloch, Sanja Pahoki, Sarah crowEST, Saskiah Doherty, Scarlett Rowe, Sherry McLane Alejos, Simon Attwooll, Simon Macewan, si ma va, Simon Pericich, Sophie Neate, Spencer Lai, Tai Snaith, Travis John, Vivian Cooper Smith, WTOA, Xanthe Waite, and Yvette Coppersmith.

'SPLASH' with Annabelle Kingston by Sanja Pahoki

at Lon Gallery, 21 Easey Street, Collingwood, VIC

LON Gallery is delighted to present Splash, a two person exhibition by Annabelle Kingston and Sanja Pahoki.

Please join us for the opening celebration on Wednesday June 22, from 6-8pm. 

The exhibition runs June 23 - July 16

Sanja appears courtesy of Sarah Scout Presents. 

Refreshments generously provided by Mountain Goat. 


Sanja on Splash:
How I see it. A young mermaid rescues a young Annabelle Kingston from drowning off the coast of Cape Schanck. Years later, Annabelle returns to the same location, and once again manages to fall into the sea, and is rescued once more by a mermaid (Annabelle isn't sure what she has seen and what she has imagined). 

Using maps from a sunken ship, the mermaid decides to search for Annabelle in Footscray, sprouting legs when her tail dries. On finding Annabelle, they fall in love, but the mermaid has a secret, which will no longer be a secret if she gets her legs wet.

Annabelle on Splash:
Why is Sanja always running away? Where is she going? Is she going anywhere? Did annabelle fall in love with a mermaid and not realize it? Do we all wish we were waterfalls? Do you ever look at other people's memories and pretend you were there too? 

Annabelle making paintings from Sanja's memories in Iceland but Sanja always keeps running away. 

Alana, Annabelle's Manager on Splash:
a perfect splash isn't a splash at all, if ur a competitive diver you want to slice through the water like a sharp knife on a soft peach, hardly leaving a ripple

bad splashes: when ur talking and you accidentally spit, when ur hesitant to go in the ocean and ur friend splashes you and it’s cold!

good splashes: just a splash of bubbly please, a splash of perfume, the waterfall at the end of a long thirsty walk, a splash of pepper, cool water on a hot day, this show lol

sanja used to be annabelle’s lecturer when she studied photography. 

now annabelle is having a painting show with sanja. maybe that’s a bit funny that it's a painting show not a photography show.

a perfect splash isn’t even a splash at all

Adam, Lon Gallery Manager on Splash:
No one wants to get wet in winter. Luckily despite the title, that’s not the case with Sanja Pahoki and Annabelle Kingston’s new show, Splash at LON Gallery. The pair are setting up for the most inviting ‘Splash’ Melbourne has to offer in June.

The gallery is delighted to present new works from Kingston, who will be responding to a series of photographs and videos Pahoki developed during a residency in Iceland and more recently when visiting the Walter Benjamin memorial in Spain. The directors are excited to be showing works by Sanja after her thought provoking and well-received show at Sarah Scout Presents this year. Annabelle will be returning to LON after her inclusion at the gallery’s inaugural show, Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are.  

The fans on Splash:  
wow great artwork! i love it! can’t get enough!!!
Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Documentation Images by Adam Stone