'Floorwork' at 55 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, NSW / by Sanja Pahoki

Hi. My 3-channel video, 'Floorwork' opened on Friday 20th May. If you are in Sydney in the next few weeks, go and have a look. 

‘Floorwork’ consists of a 3-channel video-work and customised gym mats. The videos were filmed in the artist’s parents' home in Queensland and portray the family performing various floor actions. The mother is caught in a perpetual loop doing her early morning exercises. The father is seen crawling along the ground straining for the couch. In the third video, old scores are to be settled, with brother and sister embroiled in a ‘bitter’ wrestling contest.

Aging bodies are shown in a struggle against gravity. The gym mats have been placed to help cushion the inescapable fall.